Where to find me

July 9, 2009

Hi there!

I am all over the web, but not here! Here’s where you can find and follow me.

Dana Theus, President & CEO – Dana is a research-based advocate for talent innovation and women’s leadership change initiatives that produce business results. As a leadership and management consultant she helps companies establish leadership teams capable of tapping into their full range of inner resources – individually InPowered and gender-partnered as a group. She also designs culture-shaping initiatives to integrate leader’s personal styles, corporate brand identity and innovation strategies. The result is improved productivity, profitability and meaning. Certified as a facilitator and trainer in The PRIMES methodologies, and as champion in Lean Six Sigma, she brings a full suite of leadership development tools and insights to every engagement.

Capitalizing on a 25-year business career in marketing/business development, strategic planning, leadership development and coaching Dana has worked for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial startups, government and military agencies and non-profits. A prolific writer, her message of InPowerment resonates strongly with professional women and gender-balanced leadership teams. In 2012, Dana founded InPower Women to speak directly to professional women reclaiming their personal relationship with power to help them step up and speak up more authentically in their leadership capacity. Her articles are featured and syndicated today on InPower Consulting’s Blog, InPower Women, the National JournalSmartblog/Smartbrief on LeadershipThe Glass Hammer and Success in the City and she’s gained warm receptions as a trainer to leadership teams and motivational speaker to women’s groups. Contact Dana, view her speaker’s bio and follow her on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.


Website and blog focusing on supporting executive teams in developing healthy, profitable and productive cultures using unique approaches such as cultural change management, female-male gendership teams intuitive leadership development approaches to high-performance groups.


A blog and website for high-achieving, professional women – helping them activate The Woman Effect to reclaim their relationship with power.



A campaign to raise awareness among professional women that gender-partnered leadership teams produce increased productivity and profitability for their firms.



An eCoaching site with online materials for individuals seeking to access greater personal power in developing their leadership style.